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How to Treat Belching Naturally

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To release excessive air from the stomach, the body moves it up the esophagus, resulting in a belch. Belching is not an illness or disease, but can cause discomfort, irritation and embarrassment. The READ MORE

Home Remedies for Belching

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Listed below are some home remedies for belching: Avoid Eating Foods and Beverages Quickly to Prevent Belching: It is suggested that eating foods quickly can cause swallowing of air. This can cause b READ MORE

Home Remedies to Help Stop Excessive Belching

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How to Help Control Belching Using Home Remedies Belching comes naturally and we can't help but let it out. It can be a problem though when you have excessive belching either after a meal or drink or READ MORE

Natural Cures and Home Remedies for Belching include:

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Eating slowly Eating at regular intervals Eating smaller meal portions more times per day Always eat sitting in an upright position Avoid foods that produce heavy gas and cause belching READ MORE

Belching Home Remedy

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Specific Conditions Treated: Belching Ingredients Used: Bishop's weed Description: Belching or burping is a process of releasing gas from the digestive tract through the mouth. Belching is also READ MORE

Belching Home Remedies

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Some of the useful home remedies are given below. Try to avoid chewing gum and other carbonated drinks. Take soup half an hour before meal. It will help in digestion. Drink water with two READ MORE
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