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How to Use Acupressure Points for Nausea

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Step 1 Find relief from nausea through a pressure point on the elbow. You can find this point on the elbow joint on the inside of the biceps tendon. This point treats nausea and stomach issues as wel READ MORE

How Can Acupressure Help Nausea?

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There are several acupressure points that can help us manage nausea with immediate relief. While it is best to use acupressure charts map out the locations, we’ll provide a good description of the l READ MORE

How to Use Aromatherapy for Nausea

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Aromatherapy is an alternative health practice that uses highly concentrated essential oils that are extracted from plants and used to stimulate the healing process and to treat symptoms of illness. M READ MORE

Nonmedical alternative remedies to relieve symptons and discomfort of nausea

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Whether it’s from pregnancy or heartburn – nausea can really interfere with your life. When making a quick run of errands seem like mission impossible because of the queasy feeling in your stomach READ MORE
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