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Swine Flu - Prevention


How to Avoid the Swine Flu Naturally

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Herbs, homeopathy, nutrition and cleanliness will help you avoid and even treat Swine Flu. These techniques apply to "regular" flu and even colds. 1Step 1: Take Elderberry: Compounds in elderberr READ MORE

Swine Flu: 10 Things Not to Do

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1. Don't expect seasonal flu vaccination to prevent swine flu. The seasonal flu vaccine doesn't protect against swine flu. Scientists are working on a swine flu vaccine, but that will be a separate v READ MORE

Colleges get lesson in swine flu prevention

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A new rule for college students: Don't sneeze on your roommate. The government on Thursday urged colleges to prepare for swine flu this fall, issuing new guidelines for keeping dorm-dwellers from READ MORE

Swine Flu Prevention

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Dr. Oz and his team of experts suggest these tips to help to protect you from the H1N1 virus. Get Vaccinated The National Institutes of Health and manufacturers under contract with Health and Huma READ MORE

Swine flu prevention tips - keep your family safe

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The key is prevention, and there are several ways to prevent swine flu. The tips are basic illness etiquette, but in times like this, everyone could use a refresher course. First and foremost, if y READ MORE

Home Remedies for preventing Swine Flu

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Only eat home cooked food to improve your bodily resistance Avoid going to crowded places. In case of high necessity to go to such crowded places always cower your mouth with a mask and wear glove READ MORE
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