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How to Treat a Stye With Home Remedies

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Step 1 Apply a very warm compress to the stye two times a day. You can leave the tap running when the water reaches the ideal temperature. Re-warm the washcloth several times during a 10-minute treat READ MORE

6 Home Remedies for Styes

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Use warm compresses. Heat increases circulation, so warming the skin near the gland will bring more white blood cells -- which fight infection -- to the scene. Wring a clean washcloth out in warm READ MORE

Natural Cures for Eye Styes

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Take a gold ring and rub the sty with the gold ring a few times everyday. It will stop the pain and the sty will go away. Using a hot compress is the best option. Apply a clean warm wet cloth to t READ MORE

Home Remedies for Stye Treatment

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Home remedies for stye or home remedy for stye with Triphala water: The eyes for the people suffering from Cataract should be washed with triphala water. To make triphala water, add 1 tsp of triphala READ MORE
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