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Simple and Effective Memory Exercises

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If you’re looking for memory exercises to improve your memory, you can find a range of memory games and tricks to learn online and in books. You can also make up your own memory exercises to perform READ MORE

Alternative Treatment for memory enhancement

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Here are some alternative tips to improve your memory power: a) Determine its priorities and then highlight them- Never allow yourself to be pulled into anything whether it is a meeting or a conversa READ MORE

Improve Memory Exercises

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Here are some easy mental exercises to keep you sharp. Eat with Your Eyes Closed Undoubtedly, this mental exercise sounds a bit strange at first. However, the point of this task is to improve your READ MORE

Brain Exercises May Delay Memory Loss

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Engaging in activities that exercise the brain, like reading and even knitting, may delay or prevent memory loss, researchers report. In a new study, reading magazines, knitting and quilting, and s READ MORE

Staying Sharp: Electronic Games and Exercises to Fight Memory Loss

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You know what exercise does for your body: It strengthens your muscles and increases your flexibility, making you better able to handle physical challenges. But did you know that "mental calisthenics, READ MORE

Brain Exercises That Defy Memory Loss

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When it comes to our brains, it’s use ’em or lose ’em. No matter how clever we are, or how many degrees or fancy titles we have, none of that can prevent us from losing our memory and other ment READ MORE
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