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Natural Home Remedy

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Early and adequate treatment of the first small patch of impetigo can prevent the spread of the disease. The child patient should be kept isolated until the condition is cleared up, so as to prevent READ MORE

Natural Home Remedy and treatment to Cure the Impetigo

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Scrub lesions with gauze and antiseptic soap. Break any pustules. Remove all crusts, and expose and cleanse all lesions. If crusts are difficult to remove, soak them in warm soapy water and scrub gent READ MORE

Lifestyle and home remedies

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For minor infections that haven't spread to other areas, try the following: Soak the affected areas of skin with a vinegar solution — 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to 1 pint of water — for 2 READ MORE

Natural Remedies for Curing Impetigo

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Nature Cure for Impetigo: In the initial stages of this disease the patient should be kept isolated to prevent the further spread of infection until the condition is cleared up. Items for the patientâ READ MORE

How to Naturally Treat Impetigo

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Step 1 Avoid using any type of bath or skin products near the affected area. When washing the area affected by Impetigo, use only an antibacterial soap. Step 2 After washing the affected area READ MORE
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