Useful Eczema Herbs
Topical Herbal Remedies for Eczema Symptoms

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is an incredibly soothing and healing natural emollient for the skin. It will not clog the pores, and due to its molecular nature, it can be mixed with other herbal extracts and essential oils to allow for easier penetration into the skin. Jojoba oil is a great topical herbal treatment for eczema symptoms. It is excellent when used alone, but it can also be mixed with tea tree oil, or any other desired essential oil.


This is the same weed that causes many people to pull their hair out and go to the hardware store for a more effective weed killer. It is not recommended, however, that you use chickweed from your driveway or lawn, especially if you use chemical products.

Chickweed is a mild herb for helping to draw toxins from the skin, but its primary effect is its ability to sooth itching and irritation. This can be useful during the process of healing the condition through the use of herbal home remedies for eczema. The best way to use chickweed as a natural treatment for eczema is to make a tea, to simply soak a cotton cloth in it, and then to use the cloth on the skin.
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