Treatment of Diverticulitis
1. The patient should take frequent small meals comprising of high fiber like complete grains, seeds and nuts, vegetables and fruits; flax seeds, yogurt, buttermilk and potatoes should be taken in sufficient quantities.

2. Vitamin C helps to eliminate from toxins, Vitamin B reinforce the muscular and nervous systems.

3. Fruit juices of lemon, papaya, apple, pineapple and vegetable juices like beetroot, carrots, green vegetables are good.

4. Only in serious cases the surgery must to be carried out.

5. Use hot water enema to avoid constipation.

Home remedies for Diverticulitis

1 Pear - pear is another fruit, which proves completely useful when a person suffers from the diverticulitis. One can heat the fruit or make pear juice. However, pear is eaten while it is. This fruit helps by reducing the ignition and by stabilizing the condition of the patient.

2. Brown rice - white rice is the most common shape of rice eaten by people all over the world. However, brown rice is greatly better from the digestion point of view. Rich in fiber, brown rice helps in preventing diverticulitis to occur. The high fiber content in the brown rice helps in suitable digestion preventing the ignition and infection in the diverticulosis
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