Treating Snoring with Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy can often help stop snoring, allowing others in the home to sleep better but also allowing the snorer to sleep better as well. Some particularly loud snorers are known to wake themselves up snoring, and they wake up tired in the morning. While aromatherapy can help, anyone who snores particularly loud should also talk to their doctor because of the possibility of sleep apnea, which may require medical treatment. Aromatherapy can still be a useful adjunct to that treatment.

Essential oils can be used in several ways to treat snoring- in a diffuser, in a massage, and in a mist spray.


Depending on the type of diffuser you have, place the essential oils on the diffuser pad or in the glass bottle to disperse the aroma into the air.

bois-de-rose 25%, lavender 25%, cajeput 25%, cubeb 15%, eucalyptus 10%
cajeput 20%, thyme 20%, anise 20% lavender 20%, juniper berry 20%
lavender 40%, petitgrain 35%, thyme 25%
lavender 50%, allspice 25%, petitgrain 25%
spruce 50%, marjoram 25%, lavender 25%


Massage on the back of neck, shoulders, upper chest, and abdomen, until oil is fully absorbed by the skin. For best results, massage for 30 minutes.

4 teaspoons sesame oil, 6 drops lavender, 6 drops sandalwood, 4 drops copaiba, 4 drops myrtle
4 teaspoons sesame oil, 7 drops atlas cedarwood, 6 drops marjoram, 4 drops myrtle, 3 drops Peru balsam
4 teaspoons sesame oil, 8 drops Peru balsam, 6 drops marjoram, 3 drops black pepper, 3 drops cajeput
4 teaspoons sesame oil, 6 drops atlas cedarwood, 6 drops lavender, 4 drops bois-de-rose, 4 drops frankincense
4 teaspoons sesame oil, 7 drops sandalwood, 7 drops Roman chamomile, 4 drops marjoram, 2 drops thyme

Mist Sprays

Fill a fine-mist spray bottle with 4 ounces of pure water, then add essential oils. Tighten cap and shake well. Before bedtime, mist numerous times over the snorer's head. Do not spray directly into the face as the oils can be irritating to the eyes. You can also spray the pillow before sleep. If the person begins to snore during the night, mist the spray again.

50 drops lavender, 40 drops atlas cedarwood, 30 drops copaiba, 30 drops juniper berry
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