Top Shin Splint Exercises
Performing good shin splint exercises on a regular basis is going to go a long way towards helping overcome this problem, enabling you to get back to the activities you enjoy.

Many individuals are plagued by this problem, which can be extremely frustrating as time goes on. In order to overcome the shin splints you're suffering from, care and rest is needed. But, to prevent them from happening again, that's where the following exercises will help you.

Here are three to start trying right now.

Toe Raises

To perform this exercise, simply stand against a wall with feet about shoulder width apart. From there, pull the toes up to the shin bone as high as they will go. This is going to strengthen the muscle right in front of that bone, which when weak can be what sets off shin pain in the first place.

Heel Walks

Another good shin splint exercise to think about doing regularly as part of your warm-up for your workout sessions are heel walks. To do this you simply stand on your heel as you walk across the room. Doing so will again help target the muscle right in front of the shin bone, which is the primary one you want to focus on since it's what leads to pain in the first place.

Aim to walk all the way across the room a few times before taking a rest and doing it again.

Calf Raises

Finally, the third exercise to regularly make a part of your program is calf raises. The calves oppose the shin bone muscle on the front of the legs and can sometimes cause a muscular imbalance if they are not strong enough. Ideally you want to perform three to four sets of calf raises with each lower body workout you do to ensure this muscle is always functioning effectively.

So be sure you're keeping these points in mind as you go about your training program. Working to prevent shin splints before they start is one of the best ways to keep yourself pain-free down the road.

If you're suffering from shin splints, it's essential to learn how to treat them properly.

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