Supplements and herbs
Supporting the immune system and avoiding the source of the problem wherever possible is the best cure and option to boost overall health, however in cases where hives are recurrent or are persistent some forms of internal supplements can help tame allergic symptoms and other causes.

For the treatment of hives the main vitamins are vitamin C and vitamin B12. In cases of hives brought on by an overexposure to solar radiation the beta-carotene is particularly effective as a treatment option. The best method to ingest and supplement the vitamin B12 is by dissolving it under the tongue and swallowing. In the long term treatment of recurring hives the essential fatty acids are necessary, as they build up prostaglandins which are essential in the body for the promotion of overall immune system function, as well as in the maintenance of a healthy skin and complexion.

The oil of the evening primrose herb is an excellent source of and essential fatty acid called, gamma-linolenic acid or (GLA), which is an important component in the fight against hives and its symptoms.

Without the possibility of any side effects the given herbal remedies can help reduce the symptoms of hives.

The rash due to the hives can be cured in a very short time using the juice made form the leaves of the stinging nettle. This can be used in dosages of a tbsp. thrice a day. The appearance of hives in many sensitive people is the result of some biological preparations, such as arnica and chamomile.

The inflammation and the pain that comes with the onset of hives can be reduced and minimized using herbs such as the horsetail, valerian and birch leaves, St. John's wort, lemon balm and peppermint, these herbs can be drunk 3 cups daily as a combination tea, to ward off the worst effects of hives.

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