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The cases of pelvic inflammatory diseases are often treated using a variety of antibiotics, supplements of the friendly bacteria acidophilus in a combination formula is highly recommended during treatment with antibiotics and following treatment with the drugs, this will serve to replenish the population of healthy intestinal flora helps the person by preventing the appearance of additional disorders induced by continuous antibiotic use. Supplements consisting of high dosages of the vitamin C along with the plant based natural compounds known as bioflavonoids must also be taken along with the diet in order to provide support to the immune system whenever an infection is detected in the body of the patient. Infection is also treated using supplements of the essential mineral zinc on a regular basis. This can be followed by additional supplements of the vitamin A or the beta-carotene compound-both of which will help in boosting the rate of healing in the damaged mucous membranes that lines the reproductive tract of the woman.

Using the following herbal remedies and given sufficient time, restoration of the weakened pelvic area is possible with a lot of persistence. This must be followed by the use of herbal therapy in order to detoxify the colon. These herbal remedies can also be used to cleanse the body and can help in the rebuilding of weak internal systems in the affected person.

To get enough vitamin C along with plenty of the bioflavonoids, patients can drink a lot of herbal tea made using the red raspberry leaf on a daily basis-this herbal tea contains a lot of vitamin C and bioflavonoids as constituents. The colon has a lot of hardened fecal matter which can be loosened and eliminated using an herbal bowel tea formula. This herbal formula can be made by combining equal parts of each of the following herbs, herbs such as the leaves of the red raspberry, the bark of the barberry and the bark of the cascara sagrada, some cayenne, along with some ginger and the lobelia herb, the formula must also include the root of the Turkish rhubarb, the fennel and the root of the goldenseal herb. A single tsp. of this herbal mixture can be boiled and allowed to steep for five minutes using a single cup of boiling water, then the concoction can be strained and at least two to three cups of this herbal tea can be consumed every day till the patient starts to notice a softening in the stools. Once this stage is reached the dosage must be reduced to then a single cup of herbal tea per day or even a cup once every other day of the week. Detoxification and cleansing of the blood, can be achieved by using a mixture made up of equal parts of the blossoms of the red clover, along with herbs like the herbal chaparral, the root of the licorice, some poke root, the bark of the peach tree, the root of the Oregon grape, the stillingia herb, the bark of the prickly ash, the root of the burdock along with the bark of the buckthorn, the preparation of this herbal combination tea is similar in style to the one above. Cases of vaginal infection in the woman can be treated using an herbal vaginal douche. Prepare a concentrated herbal tea using six parts of the bark of the oak, along with three parts of the mullein herb, four parts of the root of the yellow dock, three parts of the leaves or bark of the walnut tree, six parts of the root of the comfrey, along with one part of the lobelia herb and three parts of the root of the marsh mallow herb. This vaginal herbal douche can then be inserted into the vagina. A quarter to half a cup of the herbal formula can be used to flush the vagina via a douche bag or if preferred-using a vaginal syringe, the solution must be left in the vaginal cavity for as long as possible in order for effective treatment. The muscles must be exercised and daily knead and massage or rub the pelvic and abdominal regions as a topical measure. An impaired reproductive system can be rectified through the use of a female herbal corrective tea formula-regular use of this formula will assure the restoration of full function in the reproductive system. Another herbal remedy can be made by combining equal parts each of some herbs such as the root of the goldenseal, along with the blessed thistle, some cayenne, the crampbark, the root of the false unicorn, some ginger, the leaves of the red raspberry, some squaw vine and the uva ursi herb. These herbs can be steeped in a cup of boiling water using only a tsp. of this mix for about five minutes. After boiling the solution, the herbal concoction can then be strained and the patient can drink a cup of this herbal tea once in the morning and once in the evenings, for a treatment period lasting six days every week and this should be continued till such times as the patient recovers.

What else you can do
The painful sensations that are typically felt during this disorder can be alleviated using topical castor oil as a direct herbal treatment. These oil packs can be prepared by using layers of cotton, which has been soaked in castor oil. This cotton is then placed on the pelvic region and some hot towels are used to cover the cotton. Once the packs have been placed on the affected region, you can raise the feet using a pillow and then you relax and let the oil soak in till such times as the towels cool down.

Usual dosage
Vitamin C, 1,000 mg thrice a day.
Lactobacillus acidophilus combination, three capsules or one tsp.
50,000 IU beta-carotene or vitamin A, 25,000 IU. If you are pregnant, avoid using vitamin A.
Zinc, 15 mg with 3 mg of copper.
More useful herbs
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