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See age-appropriate dosages of herbal remedies

Restless children can be calmed using a herbal preparation of chamomile tea, give a single dose of the tea two times every day. Infection can also be eliminated using a combination formula of the Echinacea and goldenseal herbs, these herbs support the functioning of the immune system, they are also helpful in soothing the skin and the inflamed mucous membranes which cause discomfort. Another powerful attribute of the Echinacea is its powerful antiviral property. Until the fever has completely abated, children can be given a single dose, every two hours as treatment. After which a continuation supplementation can be done with a single dose of the herb, taken thrice daily, for a treatment period lasting one week in total.

For your attention: because Echinacea loses its effectiveness if used continuously on a daily basis for more than ten days in one dosage regimen, time the doses in such a way that the child benefits from long term treatment but also that the herb does not lose its power during that time.

Some of the beneficial effects of an herbal tea are its ability to reduce fever, its property of brining down a child’s temperature, its power to decrease chills and its ability to induce perspiration in the body. To prepare such a fever reducing herbal tea, use a combination of equal parts of one or all of the following herbs, the leaves of the lemon balm herb, the flowers of the chamomile herb, the leaves of the peppermint herb, the root of the licorice and the elder flower can all be used in the herbal tea. To improve the flavor and the taste for older child, add a little honey; this also sweetens the mixture. Dosage of this herbal tea for children can be a single dose of the tea, taken four times every day, for a total treatment period of two or three days. Instead of the tea being used directly on the baby, a nursing mother can drink one adult dose, four times a day as indirect treatment. The baby will gain all the beneficial effects of the herbal mixture from drinking breast milk. Ideally, this tea should be as hot as possible when ingested.

For your attention: children less than one year of age should not be given herbal tea mixed with or sweetened using honey. A life threatening condition known as infant botulism has often been caused in children who consumed honey. The use of homeopathic remedies in the treatment of the child if concurrent with the use of peppermint in the herbal tea must be interrupted by an interval of at least an hour between the use of the one substance and the other. This is suggested because the strong smell of the mint can result in a reduction in the effectiveness of the homeopathic remedy if used concurrently. Fever in children can be effectively treated by the consumption of ginger tea. Those children who get cold in especially in the hands and the feet tend to be the ones most benefited by the use of this particular supplement as a treatment against chills. After giving this tea to the child, cover him or her with light blankets to induce perspiration and to reduce the chills. Children can be given a single dose of the herbal tea four times during the day, one day of supplementation is usually sufficient to ward off the chill. Use fruit juice to take away the pungent smell from the herbal tea if the child finds the pungency too string for his or her taste. The immune stimulating properties of the shiitake mushrooms can also be used to great effect as a supplement. These mushrooms can be taken in the form of a capsule or they may be eaten fresh.
Children above twelve years of age can be given a single capsule, thrice daily, or as and when necessary until the infection disappears. To lessen the itching in the child’s body, use cool oatmeal baths as a topical treatment. To prepare the bath, take a handful of oatmeal wrapped in a washcloth and let it slowly soak into the bath water. The wrapped oatmeal filled washcloth can also be rubbed directly onto the child’s body to bring extra relief.
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