Sore Throat - Homeopathy

To treat a bright red sore throat that develops suddenly on the right side of the throat, is sore to the touch and is accompanied by high fever and thirst, take a 6C or 12C dose of Belladonna and consult your doctor, says Mitchell Fleisher, M.D., a family practice physician and homeopath in Colleen, Virginia.

If you feel irritable and the soreness begins on the right side and then moves to the left, and if your throat feels better after you drink warm beverages, Dr. Fleisher suggests a 6C or 12C dose of Lycopodium.

If the soreness begins on the left side and moves to the right and is worse when you swallow saliva but better when you eat, he says to try a 6C or 12C dose of Lachesis. Take one of these remedies up to four times daily, says Dr. Fleisher, and if your throat doesn’t feel better within 48 hours, see your medical doctor or homeopath.
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