Safe Natural Home Remedy for Halitosis
Researches show that halitosis is mainly seen in persons who don’t maintain a healthy oral hygiene. So the best home remedy for halitosis is to maintain healthy teeth and healthy gums with no cavities or other problems. If the halitosis vanishes as soon as one brushes his teeth and rinses the mouth, it is nothing to worry. If the problem persists even after this then it should be treated with due care.

Home remedy for halitosis insists cleaning the tongue properly as one big source of oral odor is the tongue. Bacteria producing sulphur compounds grow in the posterior region of the tongue. Saliva secreted from the salivary gland drips down in that region and becomes a very good hiding place for bacteria. The anaerobic bacteria which can survive with no oxygen break down particular components and help in producing volatile sulphur compounds, the cause for halitosis.

Another home remedy suggested for halitosis is to ensure that a person is well hydrated.
Dehydration is another important cause for halitosis. Certain medications such as medicines taken for blood pressure, anti-depressants etc., slows down secretion of saliva in the mouth and thus cause dehydration. So taking enough water is the best home remedy for halitosis and water should be had after every meal be it light or heavy and especially after having coffee, tea, or soft drinks as these can leave a deposit in the mouth which is one of the reasons for bad breath.

Mixing baking soda with warm water and using it to clean your mouth and teeth is another home remedy recommended for halitosis. This is because baking soda changes the pH in the mouth and makes it difficult for bacteria to multiply.

There are occasions where indigestion or stomach problems cause burps which expels foul odor. Home remedy for this type of halitosis is to settle your stomach by using antacids. Another simple home remedy for halitosis is to avoid using garlic in food as much as possible. Every one of us is aware of the smell emanated from garlic. The reason for garlic causing such a smell even while handling it during food preparation is that the aromatic substance in garlic enters the body through the pores mixes in the blood and gets released in the lungs before it is exhaled. With so many simple home remedy available for halitosis, it is obvious that halitosis is nothing to be worried about
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