Risks of Dehydration Are More Serious Than You Think

Serious Consequences

If you do not treat the mild symptoms of dehydration by restoring your body's fluid balance, you are likely to experience serious health consequences. When you lose about 5% of your body's total fluid, you may experience fainting due to low blood pressure-remember that blood must pump oxygen throughout the body in order for you to function. Muscle cramps, fever, headaches and tingling are often experienced too.

Heat stroke is another consequence of dehydration that is often not taken seriously. Heat stroke due to excessive perspiration and over-exercising can be fatal. Other heat injuries from dehydration include severe cramps and exhaustion.

Seizures are one more result of fluid loss. This happens when the electrical discharges in the brain go haywire, causing muscle spasms. Kidney failure can also occur, since water is necessary for your kidneys to function normally. Dehydration can make them unable to remove waste from the body. If you experience any of these conditions, immediate medical attention is necessary.
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