Any form of irritation on the skin can be classified as a skin rash, and its incidence can be due to a lot of different factors. Additionally it may even signal more severe and hidden underlying disorders like the viral chickenpox and the measles, conditions like lupus and even many forms of allergies and other immune reactions, this is particularly so when the rash appears accompanied by other symptoms in the affected person. However the cause of common conditions like diaper rashes are due to localized inflamed tissue, and some rashes are always present from insect bites or reactions to chemicals. Internal metabolic disorders and or external factors may equally play a big part in the incidence of serious skin problems such as those witnessed during eczema, or psoriasis and even conditions like seborrhea in a person, these conditions can be caused by underlying inner or outer factors.

A great deal of importance must be attached to different symptoms that accompany the onset of the skin rash and this criteria is used to establish and confirm the type of skin disorder that has set in, aside from outward signs such as appearance and persistence of the rash or even where in the body it appears. The culprits are usually some form of fungal infections or eczema whenever the rashes are intensely itchy and have well defined regions that are affected on the body of the patient. For example, the welts and the extreme itch that occur during conditions like hives, make it easy to spot the disorder and take appropriate steps in its elimination. A receding infection of eczema or psoriasis is the typical suspects when the skin undergoes some scaling or if scaly areas appear on it. The intense heat in the summer may bring on prickly heat on the skin, and in particular any form of sunburn during the intense heat of the day can also cause it to appear. The typical signs of prickly heat are the development of intense itching in areas of the skin with minute pimples. The regions of the body that are well endowed with sweat glands are the usual area this condition affects, places like the inner thighs, and the condition in general commonly afflicts children during the summer.

The first line of the body’s defense is the integumentary system or the skin, as it blocks almost all external agents from entering the body. The metabolic system of the human body is very completely connected to the skin and the integumentary system as such forms the body’s single largest organ and covers the entire human frame, having active functions in excretion, thermal regulation and immunity. Therefore the onset of any form of inner metabolic disorder, changes in the levels of hormones and chemical imbalances, a deficient diet and nutrient intake, even incidences of impaired digestive functions and constipation can all easily contribute to the appearance of external and obvious rashes on the skin. A defective diet and nutrition, can lead to liver dysfunction and impairment of the digestive tract, both these factors are the usual causes or underlying reasons for skin rashes in the individual.

Immune reactions such as allergies and allergenic substances are also typical reasons for the appearance of rashes on the skin in many people. The presence of emotional stress and psychological problems in an individual tends to aggravate the condition and leads to a worsening of the symptoms. Skin conditions such as impetigo and even scabies are brought on due to invasion of the body by pathogenic and virulent bacteria. The skin’s own defensive function can be strongly disturbed when artificial means such as the application of cortisone and antibiotic ointments are done to rid the body of rashes, the detoxification and other natural abilities of the skin must be given priority, as the organ can with sufficient time rid itself of most disorders.

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