Prevention of Athlete's Foot
Athlete's foot is stubborn and will return when the conditions are right, no matter what common sense precautions one may take. To delay or help prevent its onset, a number of procedures should be followed:

Always dry the feet, paying particular attention to the toe webs.

After drying, apply antifungal lotion and follow this with an antifungal foot powder. Zeasorb AF is good because it contains no cornstarch, a substance that can encourage fungal growth.

Wear socks made of absorbent fibers, and change them frequently (at least daily).

Wear waterproof sandals in public showers and pools.

When the feet are going to perspire excessively for extended periods of time, wear socks made of high turbo acrylic fiber. This will wipe the moisture away from the feet and carry it to the sock's outer layer to evaporate.

When the weather is hot and humid, go barefoot whenever possible.

Avoid tight, poorly ventilated shoes. Sandals or perforated shoes are best.

Be sure to air your shoes at night and, if possible, do not wear the same street shoes or athletic footwear every day.
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