Prevention Tips for Eye Styes
Do not touch the sore eye with your bare hands - as hands carry harmful bacteria.

Let the styes burst on their own - do not use force.

Never "pop" a stye like a pimple - as the infection may then spread to the other eye also.

Squeezing a stye results in the bacteria flowing into the blood stream.

Wash your hands thoroughly after touching or treating boils, pimples, acne or any other wound and before you touch the area around your eye.

Always use clean tissues to clean areas around the eyes.

A lot of eye infections are infectious and can be easily passed on to others.

Especially the treatment of eye styes requires a high level of hygiene. It is recommended not to share eye make-ups, towels or face cloth. Special care on hygiene and cleanliness also needs to be taken while putting on or removing contact lenses.
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