Natural treatment for constipation
Home remedies for constipation

1.Take minimum 2 big glasses of warm water daily in the morning on
empty stomach.

2.Do rapid forcible exhalation by compressing on the diaphragm and
forcing air out .Do this for 20 minutes.

3.Take indian gooseberry powder daily 1 tsp in 1 cup warm water and
honey daily.

Load your diet with fiber and fluids – Focus on fresh whole vegetables and fruits, beans, whole grain, cereals and its products. For constipation and remedies related to it, you can also experiment different vegetables or fruits to see which has natural laxative effect for you. To avoid bloating and gas add fiber gradually in the diet.

Foods which offer less amount of fiber at the same time are high in fat and sugar can be avoided like ice creams, processed foods, cheese, and junk foods as they can aggravate constipation. Before starting any fiber supplements or laxatives consult your specialist for correct guidance and recommendation. The best constipation remedy is to increase your fluid levels.

Drink a lot of water, but avoid carbonated or caffeinated drinks, colas and sodas.
Physical activity – Best constipation remedies are walking, jogging, swimming or biking when it comes to increasing your activity level to prevent constipation.
Attend all the calls – Never delay a call or wait for your convenience when you get the urge to visit the toilet as this is the best constipation relief home remedy a person can follow.
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