Natural remedies for headaches
There are many natural remedies for headaches. If you don't want to eat or use chemicals, then you can practice one of the several alternatives available for relieving headaches.

Massage therapy relieves a headache by releasing the tension that causes the throbbing pain. This is good for stress related headaches. You can rub your head starting from under your ears. Slowly work towards your forehead. Massage the rest of your hair covered head using your fingers by rubbing the scalp. Finish off by rubbing your jaws, neck and lastly shoulders. It takes practice to be able to expel a headache quickly with a massage. Work on it to improve your response time.

Reflexology involves massaging your feet or hands to stimulate the reflex region that is connected to certain desired glands, organs and nerves. By massaging these key points, you can reach your heart, legs or just about anywhere you want in your body! You need to refer to the " hand " map of "foot " map to find out which are the reflex regions you need to stimulate to relieve your headache.

Another method of natural remedy that doesn't use any material is shiatsu. Press gently on your web between your thumb and index finger. Hold that pressure for 15 seconds. Breathe slowly all the while. Repeat this several times before switching to your hand.

A pleasant way of relieving a headache is by using aromatherapy. You can use diluted lavender essential oil. Put 1 drop of the oil mixed into half a teaspoon of jojoba oil. You can't apply aromatic oils directly onto your skin as it causes burns.The jojoba oil serves to dilute the essential oil for direct application. You can use this to apply on your temples and rub along your hairline. Use just a tiny drop as this essential oil mixture is powerful enough to work quickly and effectively too.

A natural herbal remedy is feverfew. This is sold as leaves or powdered in capsules. Feverfew is a preventive medicine that works to prevent headaches from occurring in you. Feverfew's key compound is parthenolide which regulates the pulsating blood vessels in your brain. This controls the tension and headache.

If you experience frequent headaches, you need to consult your doctor. A headache can be a symptom of other medical conditions. It is always better to play safe and get a medical diagnosis before using natural remedies.
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