Natural remedies for Hay Fever
Here are few tried and true remedies for hayfever.

Take precautions to reduce exposure to the allergens that causes your hay fever.

Pollen- stay indoors, change air filters, close windows, keep windows closed while driving Pet dander- avoid animals, do not pet animals, shower after being exposed to an animal Dust- dust frequently, avoid very dusty places, clean air filters

Try Chia seeds- these are not just for Chia pets. They are often sold in natural food stores. Take them by the tablespoon and wash them down with a cup of water.They act like a decongestant. They have pleasant nutty flavor.

Vitamin C is a great for healing and is anti-inflammatory. Try taking 3,000 to 10,000 mg daily.

Local honey. Put it on your cereal, in your tea, and in your recipes. Honey from your area will have a combination of pollens unique to your region. Eating this year round can help get your body used to them and may help you be less allergic.

Use eucalyptus oil in a steam bath to help clear nasal passages.

Spicy foods like cayenne and horseradish can help clear nasal passages.

Research has found that magnesium can help with hay fever attacks. Try taking about 180 mg (three bananas worth). Just eating foods rich in magnesium like almonds, soy beans, brown rice and kidney beans can be helpful.

Get a Netti pot at natural health and drug stores. This is an interesting little pot that looks like a small tea pot. You use it to run a saline solution through your nasal passages. This will do a few things- , moisturize, clear nasal passages, and prevent infections.

If the Netti pot is not your cup of tea:). Then try getting saline in a nasal spray at you local drug store. It also can help with moisture, prevent infection, and clear nasal passages.

Try these remedies along with consulting you doctor about all of your treatment options.
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