Natural Ways To Minimize Or Prevent Hay Fever Symptoms
For some people conventional medications and treatments simply are not effective, or their system just cannot tolerate the side effects, natural remedies may be an alternative option. In most cases, conventional and natural medicine complements each other in the care of allergy relief.

Acupuncture, is the drug free alternative for allergy relief. And has been shown to be effective, even for people with allergies that are difficult to cure. Inserting the simulating needles in the sinus areas of the face, helps balance and correct energy flow. Diminishing inflammation of passage and improving the immune system’s response to allergens. It is not a quick fix; it can take up to 10 sessions before you notice improvement.

Acupressure, the advantages are that it is safe to do on yourself and others, even if you never done it before There are no side effects from drugs. And the only equipment needed is your own two hands. You can practice acupressure therapy any time. Acupuncture and acupressure use the same points.

Acupressure treatment, to relieve hay fever symptoms.

With your thumb and fingers of your right hand, grab the meaty part of your left hand, between the thumb and fingers. Apply firm pressure for one minute, pushing toward the bone of the hand.

Press finger tips to the side of the nose, slightly above the nostrils. For about a minute at a time. Do the same to your sinuses slightly above each eyebrow.

Press the hollow above the center of upper lip as needed.

Indian Head Massage, based on Ayurvedic healing system has been practiced in India for over 4000 years. Indian Head Massage, can help with sinus problems, allergies and hay fever, with the added benefit of calming the emotions.

You can give yourself a very soothing Ayurvedic massage at home in just a few minutes.

To help clear clogged sinuses, warm up a small amount of organic sesame oil, using your fingers, massage along the top of your cheekbones, and across your forehead. The massage should last a few minuets or until you fill relief. Also with your fingers, use long strokes from your temporal mandibular joint (located just in front of your ear) on down your neck.
You can use the sesame oil, to swab your nostrils daily, it is extremely soothing to inflamed nasal lining.

Instruction on a full body Ayurvedic massage will be at bottom of page.

Natural practitioners recommend honey; it can ease hay fever symptoms, clear sinuses, and help control puffy itchy eyes. Experts believe that honey works because it contains traces of pollen. It encourages the body to build up a natural immunity. Daily dose of honey from a hive close to where you live will contain small amount of pollen in your area. Fine a beekeeper in your area.

An individual allergic to bee pollen should not try this unless under the care of a healthcare practitioner.

Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine; bioflavonoid has anti-allergy effects, and is closely related to vitamin C. You can get bioflavonoids at a health food store or buy vitamin C tablets that contain bioflavonoids.

On the other hand, you can simply buy an organically grown orange. The rind and pulp of an orange are loaded with vitamin C, essential oil and bioflavonoids. Making a combination of decongestant, and antihistamine. Consume the entire orange, lemons and grapefruit can help the same way.

Your local health food store, can give you more information on herbal supplement, teas to drink and many other natural remedies.

Remember to always inform your healthcare provider of what herbal and over the counter products you are taking to help prevent interactions and avoidable side effects.

Ayurvedic body massage
Warm up 3oz of sesame oil, or coconut oil.
Massage some oil into your scalp with your palms
then across your forehead and along your cheekbones
Massage along the long bones of your body (arms and legs), use circular motion on elbows, knees, and shoulders.
Massage your chest and abdomen and your back, as far as you can reach. (Use the flat part of your palms, kneading the muscles.)
Massage your feet, especially the soles.
Follow with a hot shower or bath.
If you do not have time for the entire massage, rub a little oil into your scalp and the soles of your feet.
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