Natural Stye Remedies
Raspberry Leaf Eyewash:
Buy an ocular eyewash cup, or an eyewash kit that contains an eyecup. Prepare one cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea . Allow it cool to lukewarm temperature. Fill the eyecup with the lukewarm tea and cup it firmly around the eye. Throw back the head and roll your eyeball around to circulate the tea. Move your head back down and remove the cup and the liquid contents. Rinse the cup with hot water, then hydrogen peroxide and then with hot water again. Never use a used eyecup on the other eye without proper disinfection since cross-infection may occur. It is not unusual to see fallen eyelashes or strands of mucous in the used eyewash. Gently dab the eye afterward by allow the eyewash to dry on the eyelashes and the stye. Raspberry leaf tea is one of the antibiotic herbs that does not sting, and is very gentle on delicate tissues.

Herbal Compresses:
Since the bacteria that cause an eye stye are sensitive to heat, very warm compresses are beneficial in killing the bacteria and opening up circulation to drain the stye. Steep one cup of eyebright or fennel tea. Soak a small cosmetic pad or other disposable soft paper in the tea and then cover the tea to keep it warm. Rest quietly with the compress over the stye for ten minutes. When the compress becomes cool you may re-soak it and apply again for more relief. Afterward, throw the tea and the compress pad away. Wash your hands and put the cup in the dishwasher. The tea is not storable and must not be microwaved, since microwaves destroy the beneficial constituents of the tea. (In fact, microwaves denature most nutrients in food, making it worthless to your health.) The purpose of doing these compresses (at least twice day), is not only to reduce pain and inflammation, but to facilitate drainage of the stye.

If you are on the run, and can’t manage any compresses, at least put a tiny drop of colloidal silver (natural antibiotic) on the stye to kill the bacteria. (Remember that colloidal silver was used for many decades in newborns’ eyes to prevent infection. Now, a cheaper substance is used, but some new mothers insist on silver being used, and even bring their own bottles to the birthing room.) But I think the warm compresses help to speed up healing by stimulating drainage.

Although most people respond nicely to these simple measures, some do not. A stye that continues to grow larger (not drain) must be lanced and drained by a licensed medical professional. DO NOT attempt to squeeze on the stye or drain it yourself. You could force the infection into your eye. If you deal with an eye stye early, it will go away quickly. Neglect it, and it could turn ugly. Most people do not like needles near their eyes. But if the stye has to be professionally lanced and drained, you will need an injection for anesthesia. Believe me on this point.

I know I keep harping on this… but please take care of your immune system and you will greatly reduce having these painful problems.

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