Natural Remedies for Symptoms of Perimenopause

For women who suffer from perimenopause, the sudden onset of symptoms is quite alarming, leaving many to wonder if they have set into menopause. As a women with perimenopause symptoms, it is important to begin to prepare for the change of life that is about to occur and, naturally, find ways in which to begin to alleviate symptoms.

Perimenopause is simply described as the period before menopause. While they symptoms that women experience are varied, most will find the onset of perimenopause can be expected well before menopause sets in and, as a result, there is a movement to educate women in the natural remedies of the symptoms, especially those involving night sweats and hot flashes.

As one of the most common and consistent symptoms of perimenopause, female sufferers experience the all too familiar onset of hot flashes and night sweats. While most would agree that hot flashes, in the middle of the day, are most frustrating, there are those who would say the night sweats are equally as irritating, often leaving a woman to feel groggy and fatigued due to poor sleep quality.

In an effort to naturally remedy the night sweats and hot flashes, perimenopausal women should, first, avoid the use of alcohol. Because alcohol, especially when used late in the evening, disturbed blood glucose levels, perimenopausal women will suffer from hot flashes and night sweats more commonly after consumption.

In addition to avoiding alcohol, the perimenopausal woman should also strive to sleep in environments where the temperature is comfortably set at, at least, 68 degree Fahrenheit with the feet and head exposed to as much cool air as possible.

Exercise, as most women know, is key to reducing stress and also regulating hormones, thereby reducing the frequency of night sweats and hot flashes. But, in addition to exercise, the perimenopausal woman should also consider adding daily supplements including flaxseed oil, to control brain function and bodily temperature regulation, use calcium and magnesium to regulate stress hormones and even use Red clover, a supplement that contains very low levels of natural estrogen components.
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