Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks
Nowadays people are resorting to natural remedies to treat panic and anxiety attacks.

Homeopathy (hom-e-o-path-y) uses small amounts of herbs and minerals as a form of medication to assist your body’s immune system by activating the body's natural defences. These form a natural remedy against the signs and symptoms of panic attacks. Homeopathy involves restoring balance to the body's immune system and natural defences.

There are basically no reported side effects from homeopathic medication. In addition, the cost of homeopathy remedies can be much less than conventional medicines.

In the field of homeopathy, it is likely that two persons with different conditions may be given the same remedy. Along the same lines, two persons with the same condition may be given different natural remedies.

Homeopaths aim to heal based on a person’s emotional and physical symptoms. So you may find that two different people have the same illness but may be given different naturopathic remedies to relieve panic attacks.
It may take longer for a homeopath to see each patient healed, compared to non-natural remedies. However the homeopath aims to heal both the emotional and physical symptoms, not just the ailment. Only a naturopath can prescribe your own treatment medication.

A standard homeopathic natural treatment or remedy for panic and anxiety attacks is a dose of Gelsemium. It is recommend that you take six “X” doses every 15 to 20 minutes initially, but only take up to a maximum of 4 doses per day.

The Homeopathic classification of “X” means the dilution range of 1 in 10.
For more severe panic and anxiety attacks, try a dose of 30 “C” Aconite. The Homeopathic classification of “C” means the dilution range of 1 in 100.

It is recommended that you stop the dosage when you begin to feel calmer however you may want to use these natural remedies for panic attack on a daily basis until you are sure the attacks are completely gone.

If you prefer to try the natural remedy for panic attacks then please remember to:
1. Keep the homeopathic medicine in a place that is cool and dark.
2. Keep strong scents and odours away from your medication as it might impact on the remedy itself and not work as efficiently.
3. Avoid cosmetics, lip balms, minty toothpaste and mouth washes, as well as camphor based products
4. Caffeine also negates the remedy as so best to avoid these as well.
5. Consult a homeopath
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