Natural Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Typing, waiting tables, handiwork of all sorts - carpal tunnel syndrome is a real problem for many of us. While more severe cases may require surgery, for lighter cases there are several natural remedies for aiding carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take for instance ginger. One of my favorite anti-inflammatories, 300 mg. twice a day, or taken as a tea, can help ease the pains of carpal tunnel. Flaxseed oil is a helpful aid as well. You can either add ground flaxseed to your diet (a teaspoon or two a day sprinkled on food, in beverages, etc.) or take it in a liquid capsule at about 2,000 mg. daily.

A simple thing such as drinking plenty of water can help too. Rehydrating the entire body and getting things moving can be an effective pain reducer. So can exercise and movement. Take time from your typing, physical strains, and other pain-causing activities to stretch and flex the wrists and hands. It will help circulate the blood and loosen tightness.

Hand and arm massaging can help carpal tunnel pain as well. I like to mix olive oil with a small amount of cayenne powder (about 2 oz. olive oil to 1/8 - 1/4 tsp. pepper) to massage on the skin. While you have to make sure to wash hands thoroughly after use (not fun in the eyes), the cayenne reduces pain quite well.

If pain persists, visit your doctor. But for many people these few simple natural remedies will work wonders for reducing the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.
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