Natural Home Remedies
It's impossible to avoid the fungus entirely, but there are ways to keep it under control and to prevent infections from taking hold. Here's what experts recommend for healthy, fungus-free-feet.

Kill it with garlic :- For ages, Russians have used garlic to relieve athlete's foot infections. There's some evidence that they're on the right track. Garlic contains natural chemicals that kill a variety of organisms, including the athlete's foot fungus. The "next time you have an infection, you may want to try peeling and mincing a clove of garlic, putting it in your sock, and wearing the sock to bed. Do this every night for a few nights. You should start to observe improvement within a few days. Or you can simply peel a garlic clove and rub it on the sore areas on your feet twice a day

Keep them high and dry :- Because athlete's foot thrives in warm, moist environments, you can keep .it under control simply by keeping your feet dry. One of the simplest strategies is also the most comfortable ­ going barefoot.This allows air to circulate around your feet and between the toes, which makes it harder for the fungus to survive. After showering, walk around barefoot as long as you can, then dry your feet thoroughly before putting on your socks and shoes.

Give them all-day protection :- The same antiperspirant that keeps your underarms dry will work on your feet, as well. Applying an antiperspirant to your feet after bathing will help prevent sweating, making it harder for the fungus to thrive.

Coco rose foot cream :- Take half cup coconut oil, one teaspoon glycerin and two tablespoons rose water. Take a mixing bowl and pour all these ingredients together. Beat till a smooth paste is formed. Store in a jar and keep it in your bathroom. Use every night drying of feet and cracks in the feet will be gone.

Dry your shoes :- To prevent athlete's foot from setting up shop inside your shoes, doctors recommend giving' your shoes a good drying between wears. You can use a blow dryer, seton low, to dry the insides of your shoes. Or make it a point not to wear the same shoes two days in a row, which will allow them to dry on their own. Putting your shoes on a sunny window ledge will help them dry more quickly.

Wash your feet regularly :- By washing your feet with soap and water, paying particular attention to the area between your toes, you will help wash away the athlete's foot fungus and help prevent infections from taking hold.

Don't wear shoes without socks :- Clean, fresh socks absorb moisture and keep your feet dry. Shoes are meant to be worn with socks. Stick with socks made from natural fibers, like cotton or wool. Other fibers don't absorb moisture as well.

Don't bother with flip-flops :- There's nothing wrong with wearing sandals or flip-flops, but don't count on them to prevent infections. The key to prevention is keeping your feet dry, which open shoes won't do.
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