Apply natural apple cider vinegar, just as it comes from the bottle, to the skin area where the shingles are located, four times during the day and three times during the night if you are awake. The itching and burning sensation in the skin will leave usually within a few minutes after the vinegar is applied.

Use Jewelweed topically.

Take a Mega Vitamin that includes: Lysine, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin E, Calcium, and Magnesium.

Avoid such chocolate, nuts, and seeds since they contain arginine which counteracts the beneficial effects of Lysine.

Take Acidophilus Tablets.

Take Garlic Tablets. Better yet, eat garlic.

Try antihistamines, particularly Benadryl, Oatmeal Baths, and Calamine Lotion. You can also get relief in Benadryl Spray.

Aspirin, Advil, Motrin, or Aleve can help with the nerve and muscle pain. These will also lessen the pain of the rash since they all reduce inflammation. Tylenol does not.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight. Even after the bout with shingles is over, a sunburn may reactivate the virus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting an oral antiviral medicine within 3 days from the start of the rash will usually shorten the duration and intensity of shingles. More importantly, it will usually prevent permanent nerve pain. For those who want to avoid chemical medications, Sambucol may be effective since it is an antiviral medicine made from elderberry extract. Sambucol is reported to give remarkable results when taken for the flu or a cold (both are also viruses), and it is available without a doctor's prescription. You can also get Sambucol for Kids or Sambucol Lozenges.

A variation on Sambucol is Honey Elderberry Apitherapy , which also contains elderberry. Apitherapy also conains raw honey, echinacea root extract, organic apple cider vinegar, and propolis extract. This combination may be even more powerful.

The most effective way to take an antiviral medicine is around the clock. This will prevent being unprotected for hours.

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