Intestinal Worm Remedy

Various medications are prescribed to get rid of intestinal worms. However, certain herbal remedies can be effective in curing the symptoms of intestinal worm infestation.

Eating two to three cloves of garlic everyday can help to prevent growth of intestinal worms. People already infested with intestinal parasites can eat garlic to get rid of the worms.

Papaya is extremely effective in getting rid of intestinal parasites. Dilute juice of raw papaya with hot water and drink the solution everyday. Grind a handful of papaya seeds and add it to a cup of milk. Drink this to eliminate intestinal worms. Soak a handful of papaya leaves for about ten to fifteen minutes in boiling water. Add honey to the papaya leaf drink and take it to eliminate the worms.

Wormwood is a popular herb used for removing intestinal worms. Mix wormwood oil with olive oil or water and consume it regularly to remove intestinal parasites.

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