How to Prevent Poison Ivy Growth
Step 1
Before trying to control poison ivy, you must identify this plant. This nasty ivy usually grows in unkept grounds, but keep in mind ivy does spread. (fast). As the name indicates, this plant contains a vine like base. The leaves are green and shinny. A key characteristic about the poison ivy leaf, it has 3 points . ( see image )

Step 2
Now that you can identify the poison ivy, lets talk about control. Early in the season is the best time to control unwanted ivy. If your memory is well, just think about last season. Whatever ground area was infected with poison ivy last year , is sure to return. Keep a sharp eye out, and purchase a product called ROUND-UP, this chemical will kill the ivy. The only negative effect, this product doesn't spare any life, it kills whatever is comes in contact with. ( That's why early treatment is best , your only spraying the poison ivy)

Step 3
round-up works bestIf during the growing season this nasty ivy is found it is still possible to control, but more care must be taken when spraying. Remember round up works from the leafs toward the roots. In other words, spraying the leafs is your goal. Once the leafs absorb the chemical the leafs transport the round-up through the entire plant system, included the roots, thus killing the plant.
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