How to Naturally Treat Impetigo

Step 1
Avoid using any type of bath or skin products near the affected area. When washing the area affected by Impetigo, use only an antibacterial soap.

Step 2
After washing the affected area with antibacterial soap, apply 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil directly to the affected area with a cotton pad. Be sure to use a seperate cotton pad with treatment for each blister. Apply the treatment 2-4 times per day until the Impetigo has cleared up.

Step 3
Take 250 mg of Goldenseal orally until the Impetigo has cleared up. Goldenseal contains anti infective chemicals that help to fight the two infections that commonly cause Impetigo.
Adam says: 2010-09-12 18:25:38
I have had recurring outbreaks of impetigo for many years now. I get it maybe once a year or less for the last 20 years. I have been getting it in 2 specific areas. On my temple area and the corner of my mouth. Usually after a flu, bad cold or high stress times. So far I have been able to rid it from my temple for the last 10 years but still get it in the corner of my mouth. I have had it diagnosed several times by doctors and have been prescribed the topical antibiotics. But these are always a bit greasy and don''t seem to work very quickly and always require a doctor visit, etc. I have tried many of the home rememdies on the web but have never had repeatable good results. But about 5 years ago or so I had a recurrence and was looking in the health food store for something to combat it and found something that works well. A blemish stick "desert essence blemish touch stick" seems to be very helpful in reducing the amount of time stopping and then healing the outbreak. Now at the first sign of the impetigo outbreak I start applying the blemish liquid to the area right away. I clean and wash the area a few time a day and use the blemish stick after each time and also apply it in between. So throughout the day for the first few days I apply the blemish stick to it 8-10 or more times a day. It does sting a bit but really helps keep it under control and heal it within a week or so every time. I find it helps reduce the amount of inflammation and amount of crusting that usually would occur. It contains many of the things people have reported help rid impetigo. And I can pick it up at the health food store as soon as I get an outbreak. I have also had some success with the "burt''s bees outdoor herbal blemish stick". It is very similar and seems to be helpful with a little less of a burn. For this last time I got both and alternate using them. Hopefully this is helpful info to anyone who gets impetigo like I do.

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