How to Make an Herbal Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Things You’ll Need:
200 ml spinach juice
300 ml carrot juice
1 cup gooseberry juice
2 tsps. natural honey
1 cup dried coriander

Drink lots of water and fresh vegetable juices. The most beneficial vegetables are spinach and carrot. Mix 200 ml of fresh spinach juice and 300 ml of fresh carrot juice daily to help relieve the symptoms of pink eye.

Mix 1 cup of gooseberry juice and 2 tsps. of honey and drink twice a day. Honey is a common ingredient in many herbal remedies, as it helps to purify the blood and kill germs and bacteria that cause or aggravate conjunctivitis.

Wash the effected eye with coriander tea. Boil two cups of water and remove from heat. Add one cup of dried coriander and allow to steep for five minutes. Strain the herbs from the liquid and allow to cool to room temperature. Use this herbal eye wash three times a day to relieve pain and soothe the inflammation.
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