Homeopathy for Dizziness
A variety of homeopathic remedies are available for the treatment of dizziness. Each remedy is selected by an experienced homeopath after a thorough intake with the patient to determine the most appropriate choice.

If the patient experiences vertigo due to trauma, Arnica montana can be helpful during the early stages of treatment. Symptoms include dizziness during quick movements, mild nausea and feeling better when lying quietly in a darkened room.
If dizziness is caused by inadequate cerebral circulation, Baryta carbonica may be prescribed.
If a person has Méniére's disease, and has vertigo that occurs with any sudden movement, Bryonia alba is helpful.
A patient with ear disease and urinary disorders should use Causticum.
Someone with Méniére's disease could benefit from Cinchona (China) officinalis, especially when dizziness is associated with nausea, fainting and tinnitus.
If dizziness occurs when lying down or turning in bed and gets worse when moving the head slightly or turning to the left, Conium maculatum could help.
When the head feels empty, the eyes are sunken and the pupils are dilated, combined with persistent dizziness with nausea and salivation, a homeopath might suggest Granatum.
When the human voice is hard to hear and sounds echo, when dizziness occurs after rising, and the patient experiences burning pains and chronic head congestion, Phosphorus is a good remedy.
Dizziness that starts from the back of the head, combined with a headache, which leads to double vision and imbalances while walking, would lead a homeopath to consider Gelsemium.
If a patient experiences vertigo while rising from bed or traveling on a vehicle or boat, sometimes with nausea or vomiting; feels pain in the back of the head when not lying on his or her back; and feels weakness from lack of sleep, Cocculus may be used. Other symptoms include feeling worse from eating or drinking, rising up from bed, or exposure to bright light, but when lying down the person usually feels better.
A patient who feels dizzy from looking up and experiences a sensation of falling forward, with a headache felt from the back of neck to the top of head, a homeopath might consider Silicea as an option. The patient probably has a nervous temperament and sweats profusely from the palms and soles.
A Méniére's disease patient who experiences increased dizziness while raising the head and has noises in the ears may benefit from Natrum Salicylicum.
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