Homeopathy Remedy

Aconitum napellus; Belladonna atropa; Ferrum phosphori-cum; Magnesium phosphoricum; Sulphur.

Aconitum napellus: Vagina is hot, dry and sensitive. Menses too profuse, too protracted or too late. Ovaries congested and painful. Sharp shooting pains in the pelvic area. Restlessness.

Belladonna atropa: Vagina hot and dry; bright red menses occurring too early, too profuse and offensive. Pain in the breasts; breasts feel heavy, hot and red. Pain over the sacrum.

Ferrum phospboricum: Menstruation occurs with bearing down sensation and pain on the vertex of head. Vagina is dry, hot and painful.

Magnesium phosphoricum: When there is an excruciating pain.

Sulphur: Vagina burns; very offensive perspiration. Menses too late, short, scanty, difficult; blood thick and acrid smelling. The vaginal area is sore. Menstruation is preceeed by headaches. Nipples cracked.

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