Homeopathic Remedies
In order for homeopathic remedies to best attack your panic attacks, you need your personality type to be determined, upon which the selection of remedies is to be based. The homeopath will also take time to get to know about your diet, stress levels and anything else they think might contribute to your panic attacks.

The most common homeopathic remedies available over the counter in Europe and sometimes in America are:

Aconite, from the Monkshood plant. This is especially used for phobias.

Arnica, a general healer for all situations where panic is involved.

Argentum Nitricum (silver nitrate) used for overwhelming feelings of dread and panic attacks with no known triggers, although there are exceptions to this generalization.

Gelsemium, when you are still shaky after the panic subsides

Opium to release you from paralyzing fears. Don't worry - this is so diluted that there is no way you can get high or addicted to it.

They are usually available in tablets and occasionally tinctures. Considering the taste of most medicinal tinctures, try to get the pill version if you can. The homeopath may prescribe a combination for you instead of just one.

Then the trial and error part begins, just like in any conventional medicine. You are taking medicine and can get side effects. If you develop any side effect or peculiar symptom like numbness, dizziness or bleeding from the mouth, stop taking the remedies and call both your homeopath and your doctor.

When you do find homeopathic remedies for panic attacks that help you, know that you are taking a medicine that may react with other medicines. When you go to the hospital or doctor for other ailments, be sure to mention what kind and how much of homeopathic for panic attacks you take.

In Conclusion

Homeopathy works for some people and does not work with others when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety management. There have not been a lot of scientific studies done and not many statistics available of its effectiveness. It's pretty much a case of "try it and see", which is just like with conventional medicine.

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