Homeopathic Cures For Laryngitis

Homeopathic cures for laryngitis are based on a person’s total symptom picture. Take only the amount necessary to initiate the healing process.

With homeopathic remedies more is not necessarily better. Follow directions on remedy bottles carefully.

For homeopathy self-care, try one of the following remedies. Take 12c or 30c dosages every 3 to 4 hours for a day or two. If you do not notice an improvement in your condition after 24 hours, try another homeopathic remedy.

Aconite - For laryngitis when accompanied by a dry croupy cough that comes on suddenly after exposure to cold weather or with the first signs of a cold.

Arnica - For use when laryngitis is from overuse or trauma to the vocal cords.

Causticum - For when coughing is violent enough to cause a leakage of urine and a loss of voice that is usually painful.

Phosphorus - Throat feels dry and sore, talking in painful, and a desire for cold drinks which may be vomited when become warm in the stomach.

Spongia Tosta - For laryngitis that is accompanied by dryness of the throat and the feeling of a plug in the larynx.

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