Home remedies for the common cold
Even though scientists claim there is no cure for the common cold, a viral infection that most people get, there are natural herbs and vitamin supplements that you can take to help your body's immunity system fight it off faster!

Cold germs attack the uppper respiratory system and most often start off with a sore throat and runny nose. As the virus progresses, the germs work on destroying some of your body's healthy cells, and this is what makes you feel the symptoms of the cold, like body aches and pains, etc. When you have a fever, it is actually your body at work trying to fight off the enemy germs that have invaded it.

Vitamins are probably the best addition you can take every day to help your immunity system ward off colds as well as other illnesses. Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, can be taken as a nutritional supplement, and it can be found in many foods such as citrus fruits, some vegetables, and rose hips. Vitamins A and E are especially helpful in the immunity system also.

Echinacea is an herb that acts as nature's antibiotic. It helps to boost the body's immunity system and thus aids in fighting off the infection and illness. Like every other herb, or prescription drug, it should be taken at the onset of the first symptoms of a cold. Follow the directions on the bottle or consult your health care professional to find out the recommended dosage amount.

Goldenseal is another herb that acts as a natural antibiotic, and can be taken to help your body in its battle against the cold. It helps to relieve nasal, as well as lung congestion, among other symptoms.

Garlic, as well as onion, is sometimes taken for the relief of congestion and minor infections. They are good in helping reduce the amount of mucous in the nasal cavities too. Garlic is also said to aid in the cleansing of the body's blood. And, true or not, it has been said that if you cut several onions in half and place them around your home, you and your family will not get any more colds.

Another sure-fire remedy for a sore throat is to gargle with a strong solution of table salt and warm water. Gargle several times a day. The salt helps to relieve that uncomfortable burning in your throat. Natural zinc lozenges are another one of nature's sore throat-fighters, and can be purchased at your local health food store.

You can also purchase a bottle of colloidal Silver nasal spray at your local health store. It is most beneficial in moisturizing and soothing dry nasal pasages, and thus helping to ward off the common cold virus.

Lastly, there are hot teas that you can steep and drink to help your immunity system fight back too. Some of the best remedies include hyssop, a member of the mint family; lemon, contains Vitamin C, and antioxidant teas which will help rid your body of harmful free radical agents.

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