Home remedies for age spots
Age spots or liver spots can appear on exposure to sun for a period of time. They usually appear as black or brown spots and are harmless. Do not worry if you have age spots on your arms, face, neck or shoulder. Home remedies can clear away those spots at a fraction of the cost of cosmetic procedures.

Use of sun protection creams with SPF 15 or more can prevent the appearance of age spots. Home remedies may take slightly longer time than cosmetic procedures to show results. Most home products containing acids work on age spots. Here are a few home remedies to fade away age spots.

1.Lemon juice and radish juice: Mix lemon juice and radish juice(White carrot) in equal proportion and apply over the area. It may cause mild irritation. Apply for 10 min everyday and wash off.

2. Mix aloe vera gel, garlic paste along with apple cider vinegar and apply on the area. Keep for few minutes and wash away. Repeat this process for a week.

3. Apply hydroquinone creams: Hydroquinone creams can fade away the spots. It takes about one month for the cream to show visible results. Apply everyday as per the direction given on this medicated cream.

4. Mix oatmeal, milk and a few slices of orange in a blender and apply the paste all over the face. Apply this daily for few weeks. It will not only fade away age spots but will add a fresh look to the face.

5. Facial bleach: Facial bleach creams available commercially can easily fade away age spots.
Facial peels with glycolic acid peels can also fades away age spots.

6. Mix milk and pineapple juice and dab on age spots.

7. Slice a shallot and apply twice on age spots daily. Continue applying until the age spot fades away.

Age spots usually appears due to continuous exposure to sun. Avoiding sun exposure during the noon time and applying SPF creams before going outdoors can prevent age spots. Regular fruit facials can also prevent or remove age spots. Age spots do not disappear naturally. So follow the simple home remedies and fade them away.

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