Home remedies for Dizziness
Home remedies for dizziness include intake of ginger, vaccinations like doxylamine, stress relief and sleep salt, pepper, vinegar and mustard that are easily available in kitchen in different forms. Dizziness makes a person feel unsteady and lightheaded. Simple exercises can help you get rid of dizziness. If you are suffering from problems like ear infections, flu or viral attacks, curing these will cure dizziness.

Dizziness is also described as vertigo in Mothernature books. People facing this particular health problem often feel light headed or unsteady. Often they visit a number of specialists according to Mayoclinic, but fail to get rid of it. There are several opinions about the cause of dizziness and the diagnosis is sometimes quite difficult. Low blood pressure is one of the commonest causes of dizziness. If there is a problem in your nervous system, you might face dizziness as a symptom. There are times when eating less will give rise to dizziness. If you have just started wearing a new pair of glasses and experiencing dizziness right after that, it might be a cause which is often neglected. Now all these are simple reasons but there could be more complicated ones behind dizziness.

These serious causes can even lead to heart problem, stroke and rapid changes in BP. Sometimes, doctors even doubt brain tumor as a reason of dizziness though it is rare. Some tests that are conducted to diagnose dizziness are MRI or CT, blood pressure tests, ECG, hearing tests, neurological tests etc. Home remedies that can help dizziness are:

Simple Exercises: Some exercises should be done while dealing with it. There are some easy exercises that include moving of eyeballs in every direction, moving the neck clockwise and anti-clockwise and fixation practices. Standing exercises include blinking your eyes rapidly, continuously sitting and standing and some practices same as seating exercises. There are some walking exercises too. These include walking with eyes closed and open, tandem walking, walking up a steep surface and staring at a particular point while walking. Repeat these exercises at least three times a day. It is extremely vital that medicines should be minimized along with these exercises. As long as you are regular in this exercise routine, there won’t be any need to take those medicines. There have been many cases where exercises have helped a lot.
Treatment of Other Diseases Causing Dizziness: There are several diseases that manifest in dizziness and curing them helps you get rid of it. Ear infections should be treated till it is completely cured. Other ailments like flue, viral and respiratory diseases cause dizziness.
Liquids: Liquids can help you treat this health problem completely. You need to drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. But always avoid sugary drinks like colas and soft drinks.
Mustard and Salt: Mix salt, pepper, vinegar and mustard in equal proportions. Take it along with a glass full of water. This helps to increase the blood circulation and keeps you steady.
Lemon: Prepare a mixture of lemon extract, pinch of salt, black pepper and water and drink it to get rid of dizziness.
Apple Cider Vinegar: A mixture of honey and some apple cider vinegar also work wonders in curing dizziness.
Yoghurt: Yoghurt is a great home remedy for dizziness. It will work even better, if mixed with the peels of some fruits.
Massage: Massages have relieving effects and can release tension and stress successfully. It improves the blood circulation in all parts of the body. A lavender massage can definitely help you in dizziness.
Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds: Take about 3 tablespoons of wheat, 10-12 almonds and some pumpkin seeds and soak this mixture over night. Following day, grind them finely to make a paste. Now add some cloves to this paste. Boil the mixture with milk. You can add some sugar to taste. If consumed regularly for a few days, this home remedy can instantly provide relief in dizziness.
Amla: Amla is a great natural remedy for dizziness. You can soak amla and coriander for a night and then take it the following morning.
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