Home cure for diverticulitis
The cause of diverticulitis could occur due to a low fiber diet. Intestinal disorder is due to food allergies which causes diverticulitis. Diverticulitis results in hard stools which causes pressure on the intestinal wall.

There are many home cures for diverticulitis –

Aloe vera is the best solution for diverticulitis. Drinking ½ cup of aloe vera juice thrice a day helps. Add honey or herbal tea to the aloe vera juice as per your taste.

For vitamin k and mineral deficiency take alfalfa 2000mg. daily.

Prepare a juice of a handful of parsley leaves, 3 lettuce leaves and 3 carrots.
Drinking this juice is beneficial.

Drinking lots of water is the easiest way to get cured.

Powdered barley grass juice is effective in the treatment of diverticulitis.

Practice exercises like walking and swimming to assist in curing diverticulitis.

Avoid alcohol, smoking, spicy and fried foods.
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