Home Treatment For Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis is a common eye disease that may be caused by excessive eye strain or infections due virus or bacteria. Due to conjunctivitis the eyes turn pink and hence the problem is often called pink eyes. This causes irritation and soreness in the eyes.

Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious disease and it is treatable. The human body itself takes measures to cure the pink eyes. Since the soreness causes pain, many home treatments are suggested and they also found to be very effective.

Calcarea carbonicum, once per day for three days is suggested by homeopathy doctors to treat conjunctivitis for infants who suffer from other problems like seating and constipation. For those who are severe victims, Belladonna is found to be very effective.

Wash your eyes often
To reduce the irritation and pain grandmas suggest you to wash your eyes often. Nowadays many solutions are used for washing the pink eyes. These are available as eye wash or solutions in which cotton balls are dipped and applied on eyes. The cotton balls and other tools must be clean as you are dealing with infectious eyes.

Some eyebath solutions include a mixture of eyebright or goldenseal and they are used three times a day. A teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water can also be used for washing your infected eyes. Another effective eyewash solution is a tablespoon of boric acid in a quart of lukewarm water or milk.

Effective eye drops
Colloidal silver is used effectively as an eye drop for pink eyes. Honey fights bacteria and hence can be used as an eye drop to cure pink eyes. Castor oil is a natural coolant that can be applied three times a day to reduce the pain.

Aroma oils
Cosmetic experts suggest the use of cotton balls dipped in aroma oils to cure pink eyes. These aroma oils induce the natural treatment ability of the human body and thus cure infection at a faster rate. Chamomile, lavender and rose oils are generally used for controlling the infection in the eyes.

Tea is also a remedy
Bioflavonoids that is present in tea is found to fight the infection that is caused by conjunctivitis. Tea bags that are moist or dipped in milk is used as a remedy for irritation. Eyebright tea, green tea and black tea contain tannic acid that soothes the itch that is caused by pink eyes.

Conjunctivitis creates discomfort for people due to the irritation and soreness. The disease is cured by the body itself if you don't take any medicine. All these home remedies will help you reduce the pain caused by pink eyes. When you take medicines, your infection will be treated and healed fast. When you have mild infections you can just use the home remedies. But if your infection is severe and you have pain then you must consult your doctor. When you have pink eyes reduce the strain on the eyes and always wash your hands after touching your eyes as the bacteria causing infection can easily spread to others by touching.
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