Home Remedy Treatments for Diverticular Disease
The home remedies found below should be helpful when dealing with an obstacle in your digestive system. You can find these home remedies in your kitchen, and relief will be swift in coming.

Warning! The following are to help prevent the development of diverticulitis or to ease the mildest of symptoms. For all other symptoms, see a doctor!

From the Home Remedies Cupboard

Barley. This grain is a digestive anti-inflammatory. Add some to vegetable soup or stew. Or buy some barley flour, flakes, and grits.

Brown rice. It's easy on the digestive system, rich in fiber, and calms inflammation and spasms in the colon. Eat it plain or as a dessert with a little honey, mix it with vegetables for a stir-fry, try it in the morning as a breakfast food instead of oatmeal, or boil it for a tea and drink the liquid in addition to eating the rice. There are no limits to the ways you can serve up brown rice.

Garlic. This can help prevent infection. Eat 1 clove, three times a day. Chop it into a salad, or add it to soup or stew. (To retain its effectiveness, add the raw garlic after food is cooked, because heat can destroy the medicinal benefits.) Pasta sauce, however, is not a good choice for adding garlic, as tomato-based, spicy, and acidic foods can exacerbate symptoms.

From the Home Remedies Refrigerator

Papaya. This soothes diverticulitis. Find a nice, ripe, red-tinged papaya, cut it open, toss away the seeds, and eat. Use it in a fruit salad; it's especially good with melons. Or put it in the blender and make juice. Add a little honey to sweeten it up, if necessary. Papaya has an unusual but enjoyable flavor.

Pear. Another fruit that can soothe inflammation, pears don't need any doctoring to eat. Simply find one that's ripe and enjoy.

Potatoes. They're tasty and nourishing, and they have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties that are especially good for digestive woes. Because grease can aggravate diverticulitis, avoid fried potatoes of any sort. But any other cooking method will do: baking, broiling, or boiling.
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