Home Remedies of Ulcers
Eating bananas is very beneficial for ulcer patients as it has anti bacterial substance that may inhibit growth of ulcer causing H. pylori bacteria.

Patients having ulcer can take two crushed cloves of garlic which is beneficial for them. Garlic has antibacterial properties which could fight H. pylori bacteria.

Cabbage is another beneficial vegetable for ulcer patients. Juice of 1quart of raw cabbage in a day could heal ulcers in five days. Even intake of raw cabbage directly could also serve the purpose.

Plums, berries and other yellow and red colored fruits also inhibit growth of H. pylori so they are beneficial.

Cayenne pepper can be very beneficial as they stimulate the blood flow to bring nutrients to the stomach. It could be taken in tea or directly boiled in hot water. Its dash could be taken in soups, meats and other dishes.

It is advisable for ulcer patients to avoid milk because calcium present in milk could worsen the situation of ulcers.

Drinking alcohol is very much injurious for ulcer patients, so it would be better on their part to quit drinking as early as possible.

Smoking is another habit which is very injurious for ulcer patients. It is found that smoking increases stomach-acid secretion and inhibits secretion of prostaglandins and sodium bicarbonate, a substance which normally helps in protecting the stomach lining. Smoking also reduces the blood circulation to stomach lining which may negatively affect the ability of stomach lining to heal. So it is better to quit smoking.

Yoga, meditation, regular exercise could help in making you stress free.
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