Home Remedies for Vertigo
Vertigo is more of a common health problem in adults than you would typically think. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nearly 40% of people in the United States experience feeling dizzy at least one time during their life. In order to overcome this sensation and other symptoms, consider the following home remedies for vertigo:

a) Focusing Technique:
As you experience the onset of an attack, focus your eyes on a stationary object around you, like a building or bookcase. Keep focusing on that fixed point to deliver visual cues to the brain that help achieve balance and calm the dizziness.

b) Massage:
When the diagonal muscle located on the front of your neck becomes tight from too much work or stress, vertigo can occur. Massage this part of the body to ease symptoms. Clair Davies gives advice for this sort of treatment in her book titled, The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook.

c) Dietary Tips:
Eat foods that contain lots of vitamins and protein to help tame the spinning sensation of vertigo. Do not reach for a cup of coffee, chocolates, fried foods, or iced tea.

d) Salty Foods:
Sometimes, vertigo is caused by an imbalance of salt levels in the body or poor digestion. Treat your vertigo symptoms with salty potato chips, pretzels or a salty soup and sandwich combo. Complete relief should come within a few hours.

e) Cold Water:
To ease dizziness, drink two to three tall glasses of ice-cold water.

f) Move Slowly:
Moving slowly can help combat the effects of vertigo, which also decreases your chances of suffering an injury during an attack.

g) Head Positioning:
Some vertigo attacks come when the head suffers unexpected and quick movements. Do not jerk your neck or bend it back while looking up.

h) Pillows:
When the sensations associated with vertigo emerge, lying down is sometimes the best solution. Avoid lying flat on your back, but instead, position yourself with your head propped up on pillows.

i) Put Down the Playstation:
In some cases, vertigo strikes during fast-paced virtual reality video games. Limit your use of entertainment outlets that rely on this sort of effect, such as Playstation and Wii.

j) Therapeutic Approach:
Breathing exercises and meditation can help an individual suffering from vertigo, as it helps the body and mind to refocus.

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