Home Remedies for Snoring
Home remedies for snoring can be very effective in providing you relief from this problem. These home remedies for snoring are not only easy to implement but they can prove to be potential solutions in eliminating or controlling snoring.

One of the home remedies for snoring is to sleep on the sides instead of on the back. Sleeping on the sides reduces snoring. There are many products available in the market to help assist you in sleeping on your sides and to prevent sleeping on the back. Marjoram oil can be used as a remedy. Just open the bottle of Marjoram oil in your bedroom. Once the fragrance spreads in the room, the person who is snoring would stop it. This is one of the effective home remedies for snoring.

Another suggestion in home remedies for snoring would be to try and elevate the head of your bed. This simple solution can often help reduce your snoring problem, simply put the two feet of the bed on bricks or another supportive product. This type of solution can also be helpful for people suffering from congestion, cold or allergies during the night. Elevating your bed head will help prevent the nasal airways to become congested during your sleep and thus reduce your snoring.

One home remedy for snoring is to simply realign your body posture while sleeping. You head should be elevated with pillows, or perhaps the head of the bed could be elevated a couple of inches. This decreases the odds that your throat muscles will relax so much, which is a common cause of snoring. Another home remedy for snoring is to try not to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back is a sure-fire way to be snoring within minutes of falling asleep. This happens because your tongue falls back onto your breathing passage causing the snoring effect.

Warm beverages before bedtime: Drinking warm beverages like honey and warm water helps coat the wall of the trachea. Drinking a cup of hot milk with a pinch of turmeric and pepper is also a good option. Drinking green tea and organic tulsi tea is also a good idea. Teas which contains chamomile is usually sleep inducive and may keep the trachea open.

Elevate your bed so that your head and torso are at least 6 inches higher than the rest of your body. This will keep your tongue from sliding back toward your throat and causing you to snore.

Put on some store-bought nasal strips. These open up your nasal passageways, helping you to breathe easier, which makes you less likely to snore.

Sleep on your side or your stomach, not your back. Sleeping on your back puts your tongue and throat in the perfect positions for snoring.

Relaxation techniques and busting stress: Stress can be a reason for snoring. Job pressures, traffic, and relationship pressures can be a cause for snoring. These can be alleviated through meditation, counting beads, color therapy, and aromatherapy. Apart from this, Yoga, massage, and even a hot water bath can help to a certain extent.
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