Home Remedies for Intestinal Worms
Listed below are top 20 home remedies for intestinal worms:

Dry 1 peel of orange and vidanga to it in equal amounts. Grind both of them into fine powder. When you have worms, take about 3gm of it and mix it in a glass of water. Have it three times in a day. The worms will get killed in the stomach.

Make some vinegar out of juice of sugarcane. Add 25 gm of Bengal gram to it. Keep it overnight. In the morning, eat the grams and chew them thoroughly. After that don’t drink or eat anything for 8 hours. It will kill the worms and they will come out through the stools.

Extract some radish juice and add salt. Drink this twice in a day for 4 days at a stretch. It will remove all the worms in the stomach and the waste products.

Take a part of the root of the banyan tree and powder it. Add jaggery .Add some fennel seeds to the mixture. Have 5 gm of it twice a day in the morning and evening. All the worms will get killed.

Take some fresh buttermilk. Add some roasted cumin seeds, some rock salts and little bit of black pepper. Make a mix. Have the buttermilk about 3 to 4 times daily. By the end of the week, all the worms would be dead. This is a good remedy for those who are finding it difficult to get rid of worms by other treatments.

For children suffering from worms, give some buttermilk mixed with some vidanga. It is good remedy for them.

Drink a glass of boiled water mixed with a tablespoon of rock salt. Have it early in the morning before eating anything.

Take one piece of ginger and some vidanga. Make a paste of both of them. Add some honey. Consume the paste. This is an effective treatment for getting rid of worms among children.

Take equal amounts of bitter gourd (one leaf) and coriander. Make powder and put it in water. Let it be overnight. Next morning after filtering it, get rid of the water. To the remaining part add honey. Have it three times in day.

Shell few ash gourd seeds and put them in a glass of coconut milk. Drink it once in day.

Take some bamboo shoots’ leaves and boil them for half an hour. Let the decoction cool. Then drink it.

Mix the fruit of belleric myrobalan and mix it with butea seeds. Blend them well and have it three times in a day.

Take a gram of butea seeds and mix with equal amount of honey. Blend well and have it 3 times in day. Within three days of having it continuously, the worms will be killed.

To get rid of worms in children, the infusion of Indian Spikenard would help. It is like an enema.

Mix the aloe juice in equal amount of water. Boil it till it becomes half in quantity. Drain it 2 times in a day.

Give a bowl full of grated carrots to the child. This has to be done for about a week.

Add one teaspoonful of honey to a tablespoonful of papaya juice. Have it early hours of morning before taking anything.

Grate some coconut and have a tablespoonful of it in the morning. It has to be followed by forty millimeters of castor oil. Then three hours later have a glass of milk.

Chomp few cloves of garlic every morning to keep the body worm free.

Take some ripe pumpkin seeds and dry them in the sun. Split open them and remove the hull and make powder out of them. Take about a tablespoon and put it in 1 cup of water. Prepare infusion and drink it. You have to carry on with therapy till the worms die and are completely got rid of.

Intestinal worms can affect the healthy functioning of the body. It is better to get rid of them with the help of home remedies.

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