Home Remedies for Hay Fever
Home Remedies are the best treatment those who have affected with pollen, dust and food allergy take remedial measures. Some of them given below:

Help your child keep away from overall or decrease contact to the cause or causes of the symptoms. This can frequently be talented simply by fitting air-purification device in the bedroom and seeing that your child has little contact with the allergens.

Everyday wash your hair before going to bed. Why because pollen particles may stick to your hair will cover the pillows at night, giving you extra hours to breathe them in. Pollens will be removed when you wash your hair at night.

Stay inside the house in the morning because pollen counts will be higher.

Wash carpets regularly to remove pollen as well as pet dander and other probable allergens.

Keep the grass out short in the lawn, especially in the spring season.

Washed clothes, put it in the dryer instead of hanging outside. In this way you can avoid pollen not to stick in the clothes.

Not to get any kind of allergies one should take bee pollen. Because bee pollen consists of all the nutrients.

To get rid of hay fever, do not allow cats and dogs inside the house.

When you are dusting the house, cover with a handkerchief to nose and mouth.

If you are allergic with any food, better to avoid those food items to get rid of hay fever.

Are you suffering with hay fever? Don't worry. Home remedies are very good and permanent cure not to enter hay fever in future to you.

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