Home Remedies For Gastritis
Using coconut

Coconut water is an excellent home remedy for gastritis. Use cool coconut water for the preliminary stages of gastritis. It will help the stomach in regaining its proper state and thereby treats gastritis.

Using rice

Rice gruel can also be used as an excellent home remedy for gastritis. A cup of rice gruel, twice daily is very effective in curbing acute cases of gastritis. Rice induces a great flow of gastric juice and hence is helpful in chronic gastritis as well.

Using spinach and carrot juices

Spinach and carrot juice mixture is also a very good remedy for gastritis. Mix 200 ml of spinach and 300 ml of carrot juices and take this mixture once daily. It is a highly influential remedy for gastritis and provides very quick relief from pain and feeling of fullness.

Using potato

Potato can work wonders in treating gastritis. Take half a cup of potato juice twice or thrice daily half an hour before meal to get positive results in gastritis. It provides relief to the stomach and helps in quick recovery from the disease.

Using marigold

Marigold also shows healing effects for gastritis symptoms. Marigold juice in the dosages of one or two teaspoonful every day provides very good results in the treatment of gastritis. The dosage may be administered twice daily for effective results.

Using hot water bottles

Providing heat to the stomach is very fruitful in providing relief from gastritis. Application of heat with the help of hot compress or hot water bottles should be carried out twice daily either in an empty stomach or two hours after the meal for getting good results in the treatment of gastritis.

Using liquorices

The tea made from the root of liquorices is also very beneficial in the treatment of gastritis. In a cup of hot water add the mashed liquorices root and strain the solution. This tea can be used thrice daily for getting quick relief from the disease.

Using curd, Sprague and black salt

The mixture of curd, Sprague and black salt is also very effective in treating gastritis. Mix 125 grams of curd, 2 grams of Sprague and a pinch of black salt for preparing the medicine. Take this once daily for getting relief from gastritis symptoms.

Using plantain and milk

After waking up in the morning take two plantains and drink a glass of milk after nearly 10 minutes. Continue this treatment for about a week to see the positive results.

Using lemon juice

Lemon is also very useful in the treatment of gastritis. Take a cup of lemon juice twice daily to effectively reduce the symptoms of gastritis. The acid content of the juice helps the stomach release extra gastric juices which helps in the digestive process ultimately.

A balanced and well controlled diet is also required to cure gastritis in short period of time. The individuals suffering from the disease should avoid spicy foods, strong tea and coffee, pickles, meat and chilies. Moreover, one should go to sleep at least after two hours after taking the meal. Maintaining a proper and healthy routine helps in getting quick relief from gastritis.

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