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Carom seeds (ajwain), one table spoon mixed with a pinch of black salt are very effective in curing gastritis.

For stimulating the digestive system, one should chew fresh ginger before meals, thus preventing gastritis.

Consuming coconut water is a wonderful remedy in treating gastritis.

Carrot juice mixed with spinach juice in equal amount is the excellent remedy for treating gastritis.

Consumption of water and fruits juices are very much recommended in gastritis condition.

Apply hot water bottle on empty stomach twice daily is very effective way in relieving from gastritis,

Potato juice (half cup) is highly recommended before meals to avoid gastritis.

Fresh lime juice is very much helpful in avoiding gastric condition.

Black salt mixed with six times Sprague powder when taken two grams with warm water does wonders in gastritis.

Half pound of yogurt mixed with pinch of black salt and 3 drams of Sprague is good remedy in treating gastritis.

One should make it a habit to chew fennel (roasted) after meals, if he suffers from gastritis.

Asafetida and cumin water is to be mixed with tamarind water and then consumed to get relieved from gastritis.

One should particularly consume light food and should avoid heavy spicy food.

Butter milk is also a affected remedy in treating gastritis.

Avoid consuming alcohol tea and coffee to prevent gastritis.
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